Know Your Enemy — by Kory

Know Your Enemy Slide


With so much distraction and misinformation that exists in our world today it can be difficult to focus; to know who’s right, who’s wrong, where to look, or where to go.  We have an enemy that has to be pleased with this confusion; this conflict.  Charles Baudelaire is credited with saying, “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.”  While we live in a world that is increasingly denying the existence of God, it’s also denying the existence of an enemy…or at least who the real enemy is.

We are wired to recognize differences.  The enemy knows this and does whatever he can to divide us.  This person or these people don’t look like me or have as much money as me.  They or he or she doesn’t dress like me or play sports like me so I can’t talk to them or identify with them.  I’m too good for them.  Or on the flip-side, I’m not good enough for them.  So, I will act inferior to them because that’s what the enemy wants; to constantly compare ourselves to others.

“If I want to get the chicks, I gotta have money and lots of it.  So, I gotta have this career and I will dedicate my life and sacrifice whatever I have to so I can have this lifestyle. Oh, and I gotta look good too.  I gotta have big biceps and six pack abs.”

Ladies looking at these air-brushed, photo-shopped, celebrities thinking this is what beauty is and what they need to be happy…to find love.  “High cheek bones, a skinny waist, broad hips and a big chest and then everyone will love me.”

Christians are really good at comparing themselves to others.  As if our sin or “crap” stinks less than someone else’s.  Or we completely deny our sin while critiquing someone else’s.  We’re on very good terms with our sin that we understand, but are quick to judge someone else because we don’t understand their struggles, their temptations, their sin.  And while we’re busy patting ourselves on the back for being better than “ol’ what’s his name”, we forget that we are to judge ourselves based on the life of a God we cannot begin to compare to.  If we did, then we would be quickly reminded of the grace that’s been afforded us and that same grace we are supposed to have for others.  But, let’s keep comparing ourselves to others.  Because as long as our eyes are on everyone around us they’re missing the only One who can save us and that’s just what the enemy wants.

We are wired to want love and acceptance.  The enemy knows this so he has to work to redefine or reinvent what love is.  “Love is a feeling.”  “When this girl or guy walks by or says, ‘Hi’ I get this feeling that I don’t know how to explain.”  If we thought about it we’d realize some of us get that same feeling when it’s a guy or girl or an object in a magazine, or on t.v. or on a computer screen.  That’s why we say things like, I love my dog, video games, that movie, this song, this place, that team, my car, etc. etc.

“Love is sex.”  But, more times than not, sex is absent of love.  If we would stop and think we would realize this.  But the enemy doesn’t want us to think.  “Just do what feels good…whatever you feel is right.”  Even though what you think is right is different from what this other person thinks is right.  So who’s right then?  There has to be an ultimate right and ultimate wrong, and it’s not a matter of opinion.  Just like love is not whatever we define it to be.  In our search for “love” without really understanding what it is, we lose pieces of ourselves along the way.  This is what the enemy wants.

We are wired to want identity.  The enemy knows this so he uses our senses and our abilities, but not our sensibility to seek out an identity.  And he gives us so many choices.  Some find it in their school.  Some find it in thir job, the music they listen to, the car they drive.  Don’t believe me?

“I’m a Chevy guy.”  –  “I drive a Ford.”  “I shop at Wal-Mart.”  –  “I like Target.”  Lowe’s – Home Depot, Mac – PC, XBox – PS3, Christian – Muslim – Atheist, Baptist – Catholic, Democrat – Republican.  All of these things we try to make who we are when none of them define us in the least and only serves to divide us and, once again, steal or focus from who we really are.  We are human beings that were created, with an absolute right and wrong to live by, that we can’t live by, so we are destined to see eternity separated from the goodness, mercy, grace, and love or our Creator unless we allow Him to capture our hears in such a way that He begins to lead our lives.  But, the enemy doesn’t want us to think about that.  So he puts our eyes and ears on things that are pleasing to the senses so we can seek our identity, purpose, love, and acceptance in temporary things that only serve to divide us.

You see, Ford, Chevy, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Cards, Cubs, Democrats, Republicans, Apple, Microsoft, relationships, jobs, money, our talent….None of these things are the source of what we are really looking for.  But blindly we keep searching through the mounds of garbage and fill our hearts and minds until the day we die when all we really need was screaming, trying to get our attention the entire time.

There are people that see through the slanted propaganda, lies, advertising, government issues, and corporate garbage and know that it’s all an illusion.  But, government, politicians, corporations, and people that don’t believe what you believe…they are not the enemy and none of them are the solution to our problems.  But, the real enemy wants you to believe they are.  While the real enemy doesn’t want your focus on God, he really doesn’t want you to know about him.  Once you look past all of the misinformation, the misdirection, differences, all of the garbage, and realize who God is, you’ll figure out who the real enemy is.  And you’ll know he’s defeated and has no power over you except what power you allow him to have.

Know your enemy.  And then know that OUR GOD is greater than him.



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