What do I do with this Jesus? — by Tim

The question that should persuade an action.                                                                     The action being falling on our faces.                                                                                Love overflowing, freely given and for us to freely give.                                                    An option to receive forgiveness.                                                                                       A choice to choose life.                                                                                                       A chance to live greater.                                                                                                    My God heals.                                                                                                                  My God restores.                                                                                                            My God is an architect.                                                                                                     My God died for me so that I may live.                                                                            He gives endless grace.                                                                                                   He is merciful.                                                                                                                   He is my friend that never gives up on me.                                                                         I will praise Him.                                                                                                                  I will seek to know Him more.                                                                                              I will follow Him where ever He takes me.                                                                       My Provider.                                                                                                                         My Comfort.                                                                                                                      My Savior.                                                                                                                       He is my God and I will serve Him.

What do I do with this Jesus?

tell the world


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