Confidence? — by Angel

I had the privilege of watching my youngest daughter Emalee run a 5K twice during the past month (the first was a “practice” run). Now to some, a 5K may be no big deal. However, this was a program called Girls on Track.  It is all about building self esteem & gaining confidence.  She, along with a group of about 30 girls, met twice a week after school to do different activities and to run.  Emalee can be quick to “count herself out”. She will lack confidence in herself, as we all do at times.  It was fun to see her each week begin to think she could do this run.  The rules of this race require anyone under 16 to have a “running buddy”.  Emalee asked her sister Ashlee to run with her. This of course made my mommy heart melt. As practice run day came, Emalee instantly became nervous & “sick” to her stomach, she kept saying I can not do this.  So we said a prayer and Ashlee took over from there. She encouraged her as they ran the 3.1 miles side by side.  She held her hand and pulled her when needed, said words of encouragement when needed and gave a little tough love if necessary.  Emalee came off the practice run feeling proud of herself and was so grateful to her sister.  Emalee told Ashlee “if you would not have been there, I would have given up and not been able to do this”. Again, my momma heart melted.  So, this weekend they completed the official Girls on Track 5K and I was so excited and proud to be at the finish line cheering them on.

What is the point in telling you that, other than to have a Proud Momma Moment…..Well, it gets me thinking about our confidence.  I know I lack confidence in many things and sometimes you just need that friend to encourage you through the situation until you have the confidence you need to just do it!  I can recall many moments when I felt like no one was in my corner and there was No WAY I could accomplish this task, no matter how big or little it may be.  Then I realized God did not create us to fail!  It is really simple, put the trust in him, say a prayer to calm those second guessing nerves and go for it…whatever IT is for you.  Of course if you need a friend to “run” along side you then ASK, find that person that can be your encouragement and give you the words to keep going or grab your hand and pull you if needed.  Either way know that CONFIDENCE is in YOU, God put it there so stop second guessing yourself and Go Achieve WHATEVER you want to do.  YOU can do it and I will be here cheering YOU on!!!



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