You Don’t Know Me — by Jesse


There is something unique that has been trending on Facebook recently.  It’s a challenge to put certain things about yourself that most people do NOT know about you.  As with any trend, I’m usually on board! Hey, I consider myself a ‘trendy’ person.

Anyways, I did it and I thought it would be neat to let you know here in ‘blog world’ what I posted.

12 things you may NOT know about me:

1. In 7th grade I joined the wrestling team weighing 78lbs…making me the 1st person to represent the Troy Wrestling Program which     began that year. (Love ya Coach Mix).
2. If you put an ear ring in my hand or something tiny, I will throw up.
3. I went blind for a cpl days when I was 7 years old…thanks to my sister.
4. I love singing ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson while actually looking at myself in a mirror.
5. As a teenager I was arrested twice and sent to Juvenile Detention.
6. I once preached to 30,000 people in a week’s time. (AMAZING WEEK).
7. I was engaged one month before I graduated high school. (couldn’t help it, when you know, you know, you know?)
8. I have stood center court at an NBA basketball game at halftime.
9. I am a civil war FREAK!
10. I will get a tattoo one day…when my wife lets me.
11. As a kid, I had always dreamed one day to be a graphic designer for Disney.
12. My family plans to adopt a child one day soon.

There ya go! 

If you’re down, (and have a FB account) – I challenge you to do it!  It’s a very creative way to let others into our world, which so often we like to not do!



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