Actions speak louder than words — by Tim

A good friend of mine once told me “actions speak louder than words.” Hearing that challenged me, and I started asking some me dont tell me


What is our action as the church? What are our actions as Christ followers?



By no means is this a rant session in which I am going to bash anyone for their actions, but the opposite, I am writing this for awareness.

So here it is plain and simple. If we call ourselves Christians (Christ followers), our actions need to line up with what we believe. You can tell me you’re a rock star singer, but I’m not going to believe you until I hear you sing. People watch Christians, because they are searching for more than what they know. And if we are not showing them by our actions, we are doing the Church an injustice. We are hurting the hurt. Let’s be scouts for Christ, looking for opportunities to show the love of Christ without saying one word.

I was at a women’s prison a few Saturdays, where we had the amazing privilege to show love to over 1,000 women. Over 250 of those women came up for prayer, to either begin their walk with Christ, or pick up where they left off. The simple act of getting up in the morning, driving to a prison, putting some instruments on a stage, and showing those women that someone cared about them resulted in lives being changed. Our actions are the only thing people who don’t know us see. Our actions define who we are………… our actions speak louder than words.


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