BIG things Journey Kids has in store — by Jamie

Journey Kids is the place to be during November, and I  just wanted to share with everyone some of the amazing things that our amazing kiddos are doing this month. On Sunday the 9th and the 10th the Kiddos will roll up their sleeves and be a part of putting together hundreds of  Christmas cards with their very own special messages of thanks and appreciation that will be mailed to the men and women who are serving in the United  States Military here stateside and also overseas. This is the second year Journey Kids have been a part of sending their love and thanks to those who dedicate their lives to our country.

Also the kiddos of Journey love to reach out to other kids their age. One of the ways we encourage this is by getting the kids connected to the Journey Church Orphanage. As you all know, these sweet amazing kiddos in Burundi have many needs, and our children are doing their part to be an uplifting, encouraging part of their lives by being pin pals. Every third weekend we break off a portion of our lesson time to send letters, pictures and specially made crafts to our friends in Burundi.

I am really excited about the impact the kids are making in the world this month with the Christmas cards to troops and also the pin pal letters to Burundi, but I know the most exciting thing for them this month will be the Second Annual Gobble Till You Wobble celebration on Saturday the 23rd in Wentzville and Sunday the 24th at the Troy campus. Gobble Till You Wobble is a special time when all the kiddos celebrate what being thankful really means in their lives. We collect change for the Kids Helping Kids outreach ministry, have a decorated bottle contest (the winners get to throw a pie in mine and Morio’s faces), we play games, dance to music, chow down on a generous amount of Pizza all the while focusing on a special lesson of thankfulness. This is a perfect time for all the kids to invite their friends to church to be a part of this celebration. We will give them invitations to hand out to all of their friends and family. The more the merier.

As you can see, Journey Kids is on the move this month in a big way. I cant wait for your kiddos to be apart of all we have going on. If you know a child that does not have a church home please be sure to invite them and get them involved in the big things God is doing with the kids at Journey Church.


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