It’s a BOY (well two actually) and a GIRL! — by Jesse

I just wanted to give a huge SHOUT OUT to 3 Journey Church families who have experienced incredible additions to their families here recently!

First up is Brooklyn Paige Parks (8.6 lbs, 21″, born today at 2:17 pm on October 14th) CONGRATS JJ & DEANNA PARKS!!!


Next up is Silas Xavier Niemeyer (6lbs 3oz, 20″, born at 1:14am a couple of days ago on October 12th) CONGRATS BEN & STEPH NIEMEYER!!!


And last, but certainly not least is Ezekiel Meyer (7lbs 8oz 20.75″, born just 18 days ago on September 26th and was in church with us this past weekend – I love this picture) CONGRATS JOSIAH & RACHEL MEYER!!!


I love being a pastor…it has so many ‘perks’ – but this by far is one of the greatest…being able to celebrate NEW LIFE with our families – you can’t really put words to that!

Missy and I pray God’s GREATEST blessings on these precious families in our church.



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