Cardinal Nation At It Again — by Jesse


I just wanted to give a big ‘LET’S GO BIRDS!’ to our beloved St. Louis Cardinals as we walk in to the NLCS tomorrow against the Dodgers!  It was SO COOL watching the Redbirds eliminate the Pirates last night in Game 5 of the NLDS…so cool.  In fact, I absolutely LOVE Wainwright’s reaction (as seen above) as he struck out Alvarez to clinch the game for us…priceless!  Missy, the boys, and I got the opportunity to simply chill out as a family and watch the game…it was magical.

Last night, when David Freese opened up with that 2 run HR to give us the points needed to win the game – it was like…WELCOME TO ROCKTOBER! (It’s crazy how Freese comes alive in the postseason).  The pic below was an error on TBS’s part as they credited the homerun by Freese to the Pirates as they went to commercial. We caught the EPIC FAIL on camera and wanted to let the World Wide Web see it as well:


The Cardinals in the playoffs is an experience…it’s aura that blankets the city…an atmosphere that cannot really be described.  I love where I live…I love the city of St. Louis and all that it provides to us in the arena of sports.

Anyways – here’s to a GREAT NLCS!!!  I intend to stubhub my way into one of the NLCS games…and will definitely post some pics of that experience!



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