Pastors — by Angel

I like to appreciate the Pastors of JC any chance I get.   However, there is an actual month designated to appreciating our pastors.  October is Pastor Appreciation Month.

We, the peeps of Journey, are so lucky & blessed to have the amazing pastors we have.

Our Creative Arts Pastor, Guffey.  This is the guy who puts his heart into all things creative. Any media or production you experience at Journey is from the love and hard work of Guffey.  He prays for each person at JC. Guffey pours his heart into everything he does.  He wants each of us to have an experience with God every chance we have and if assisting us getting there thru media helps, he is going to do all he can to make that happen.

Our Worship Pastor, Tim.  We all know Tim leads the worship teams and leads us each Sunday in AMAZING worship. He also works hard to keep our facilities running & clean. Tim is the quiet guy who prays for each of you and always strives to help you experience God in a mighty way.

Our Children’s Pastor, Jamie & her awesome hubby Morio.  Their dedication to our children is mind-blowing.  They continually pray for each of our children & our families. Jamie does not just “teach a class on Sunday”.  Her heart is 100% for our kids and how to grow their relationships with Jesus.

Our Associate Pastor, Kory along with his beautiful & amazing wife Amy, pray daily for the peeps of Journey.  Their heart for the teens of Lincoln county is unmatched. Kory & Amy spend countless hours connecting with the people of Journey just because they want to know you, know your stories and help you grow in your walk with Christ.

Our Senior Pastor, Jesse.  There are not words to describe the blessings that Jesse & Missy are to me personally.  However, I know I am not alone in that thinking.  Jesse’s messages are always “just what we needed to hear”. Both Jesse & Missy have a passion for people and doing only what God wants them to do for us.  Their prayers are genuine, powerful, and continuous for each person at Journey.

These people bless me daily and I can not begin to describe how much I personally appreciate each of them for their leadership, guidance, friendship & prayers.  I am so honored to call them my pastors and humbled that I get to call them friends.  I am so thankful I get to pray for each of them daily.  The encouragement you will receive from our awesome pastors just by being around them is priceless.








We also have other Pastors here at JC;

Danny & Brittany Brooks – our Wentzville Campus Pastors.  Danny has a heart bigger than the ocean.  He pours his whole self into connecting with people all in hopes of building God’s kingdom.  Brittany is the amazing powerhouse voice you hear on stage on Saturdays & Sundays.  Her smile lights up the room & heart for people is beautiful.

Sandy & Steve Miller, Tom & Jayne McCracken, and Aaron Miller, all Amazing Awesome Care Pastors at JC.  All 5 of these people are also amazingly awesome prayer warriors, compassionate, caring, & loyal servants of God.  These are the people you want to be around.  If you are struggling with something they will pray you through it, if you are praising they will praise with you.  You need some tough love; they got it, you need help getting back on track; they are your help.  If you do not know them, I would Strongly encourage you get to know them.  They have been and continue to be HUGE blessing in my life just by their amazing personalities and hearts after God.

So, October is Pastor Appreciation Month, please join me in letting the pastors of JC know how much we appreciate them.  They are all on FB so feel free to blow up their walls with encouragement, send a card, or simply tell them when you see them. All of these people pour every ounce of themselves into the lives of Journey and I thank God for them.  I thank God that he blessed me by putting each of them in the middle of my journey.

Jesse, Missy, Kory, Amy, Morio, Jamie, Tim, Guffey, Danny, Brittany, Steve, Sandy, Tom, Jayne, & Aaron – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE you all ❤




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