Love These Moments — by Jesse



I was able to snap these a couple of nights ago while we were closing shop before heading to bed as a family (and those are graham crackers at the bottom of the second pic – it is amazing how many of those you can actually eat).  I love these moments in our home…These are my boys reading their bibles.

As I have stated many times from the platform of Journey Church – our family strives to devote ourselves to God and His word.  And I PRAY I don’t come off sounding ‘holier than thou’ when saying that as if our family is ‘better’ than another family…b/c that is not my intention AT ALL.  I simply believe wholeheartedly in families gathering around a time of prayer and devotion to scripture.

2 Timothy 3:16 – “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

This verse opens my eyes to the importance of ensuring that my kids have a relationship with His word!  Look at what Paul is telling Timothy about ‘scripture’ in the context of what it is profitable for!  I mean, read that verse a couple times over…WOW!

My kids grow up in the same world we all do, a world FILLED with temptation, opportunity, and influence to fail and detour off of the path God has created for us all to live on.  And according to this scripture…along with Psalm 119:105…it is HIS WORD that will be the route for them to stay on the straight and narrow.  It is HIS WORD that will be voice in their lives when faced with the struggle to jump off of the ‘God-Road’ for their lives…HIS WORD.  It is HIS WORD that will build the future God has for them!

I love what Bill Wilson says (an INCREDIBLE pastor in NYC who has a ministry reaching over 30,000 kids): ‘It’s a lot easier to build boys and girls than it is to repair men and women’

Therefore, I will continue to BUILD an atmosphere in my home that displays the importance of simply committing our family to His word…because the investment into His word in their lives today – will reap the result of His word in their lives tomorrow.

God, thank you for your Word…and the results that are to come.



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