Love Them Anyway — by Angel

I love….is a term used so vaguely today. I love chocolate, I love this show, I love you.  Do we really “love” these things or is it just we have not found a stronger word to describe what we want to say?

When it comes to relationships, I love you is the phrase we all “love” to hear.  Have you ever thought about it before you say it?? Do you really love this person or do you just like the feelings you get when you are with or think about this person.  Of course there are many types of love toward people. Loving your spouse or child is different then the love you have for your friends.

Love for friends or just people in general has been in my prayers a lot this week. People will disappoint you. And, yes I too am a people, so I will disappoint you.  It hurts our feelings and can make you angry when people disappoint us, remember Love them anyway. When you count on people, they will fail you…love them anyway.

In short, humans are imperfect. Luckily we serve a perfect God. People will mess up, fail, disappoint (intentional or unintentional) Love them anyway.  When we fail God, disappoint him, or mess up with him he loves us anyway.

So, today I encourage you with all people, Love them Anyway!


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