If you give a mouse a cookie — by Jamie

You never know what might happen.


If you give a mouse a cookie was one of my favorite childhood books for my mother to read to me and was also one of my favorite books to read to my kids. The story is all about a cute lovable mouse who asks an unsuspecting boy for a cookie. Little did this boy know that the choice to give the mouse a cookie would completely takeover his day with the mouse needing more and more from him.


I have thought of this book a lot lately. I started to see it come to life in my own life. For example, one day last week I decided (without much thought) that I was going to clean the back storage room at my house. After I drug everything out of the room and into the hallway I realized that If I was going to clean out the storage room than I would need to buy storage shelves. So off I went to purchase storage shelves. Only after I got all the way back home did I realize, if I was going to put together storage shelves I would need the tools to do it. So off to Walmart I went to purchase tools.


I was admiring my semi level shelves when I thought, if you are going to build storage shelves than you are going to need storage containers to put on the storage shelves. So, again off I went to Walmart to buy storage containers. If you have never read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie than this post might seem a little strange, but my point is, just like that book my entire day was completely taken over by one simple choice to clean the storage room.


When I was praying that night I found myself thinking about that book and how it still reflected in my life today. I was thanking God for the comfort I still find in the book and also for slowing my life down to the point where I recognize and appreciate even the small choices and the direction they take me. As I was praying and expressing my thankfulness another thought popped into my head………


If you give your heart to Jesus….



If you give your heart to Jesus,


Then your life will change forever.


When your life changes, people will start to notice.


When people notice, then they might ask you about it.


When they ask you about it you will tell them about Jesus.


Once you tell them about Jesus than they will want to meet him.


When they meet Jesus, they will probably give their heart to him.


Once they give their heart to Jesus, their lives will change forever.


When their life changes, people will start to notice.

You never know what might happen.


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