Embrace beautiful! — by Tim

from Iphone 126Lake Lincoln

I grew up in the Midwest.  O’Fallon, Missouri to be exact when O’Fallon used to be a small town.

When I was a kid, I could ride my bike a half mile down the street or run through cornfields in the summer time if I wanted to.  I remember when neighborhood kids and I would catch crawfish in the city park creek and would sell them to the guys working at the park, for spending money. I remember building forts under the pine trees in the fall and playing baseball, all summer long at Saint Mary’s field, right up the street from my folk’s house.

My Mom taught my sister and I about why stealing is wrong at the old IGA. I told my sister not to take those gummy worms!  I remember watching one of my brothers train for the Olympics’ in the backyard one summer, he just ran in circles…so I didn’t watch long.

I remember when our parents bought us a Nerf pool table that you we set up on our kitchen table, one year…unfortunately I was too little to play.  I also remember climbing the kitchen counter to get to the liquorish in the top cabinet…delicious!

from Iphone 130My great Nephew!

You know…life is beautiful. We get to write it, we can replay it in our minds, we can explore it, and we get to live it. I guess what I am getting at is how easy it is to oversee the beauty of it, forget to enjoy it, and eventually end up being led by a chain through our own life.

I believe God wants us to have open eyes and ears to embrace the beautiful around us. I believe his grace allows me to see love in a whole new way.5318019-a-meadow-of-coreopsis-flowers-located-in-missouriMissouri field of wild flowers.

God set this all up!! Flowers don’t grow by chance, water doesn’t only flow south, and clouds don’t float in the sky for no reason. Take time and smell the roses some time in your day and when you do, thank God for what he has done. Embrace beautiful!!

Psalms 23


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