What to say? — by Angel

So most people who know me, know I like to talk…alot 🙂  However, even as a “talker” I find times where I just do not know what to say.  Most recently I have experienced this on several occasions with several people I consider close friends.  There seems to be this little thing called life that is trying hard to beat up some of my friends.  I just want to say something to them to make it better.  Now I know I can not fix everyone’s problems and I can not make the world perfect with my amazing wisdom, but I just want my friends to feel better.  I am sure most of you can relate to this feeling.  I do pray with them and for them. I always try to listen and only give my opinion/advice when they ask and I attempt to always back it with the Bible.  Yet, I still find times where I just do not know what to say.  So the other day I heard something on the radio and then when reading in the bible in random chapters, it hit me..say nothing!  Be present for them. Silence really is golden sometimes (and yes duct tape is silver..lol) and sometimes the silence speaks volumes.

So, if you are my friend and are struggling please know I will praise Jesus with you through your storm and I will listen to you as much as you want and then we can sit in silence together wondering What to Say??


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