Strip Everything Away — by Tim

We all have struggles. We all have questions about God. We all have had days where it feels like all hell is crashing down on us. We all are in this together. Intertwined like a kite’s string in a tree, we cross paths. Everyone on this Earth is in pursuit of something.  Everyone on this Earth wants more.

Here is a question:  what you are pursuing, is it what you are supposed to be pursuing? Is it a relationship you’re pursuing, maybe a new career, maybe you’re pursuing a new vehicle? Whatever the case may be Philippians 4:6 says, “Don’t worry about anything instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” (NLT) So in pursuit of whatever we are pursuing we are to pray (pursue) God. Well what does that look like? It means we need to get with God. Have you ever thought about this verse before? Rewind your brain and read it again I’ll wait……   check this out God wants us to pray about everything and tell him what we need.  Why? He already knows, right? He wants to spend time with you! He wants you pursuing Him in every aspect of your life because He loves you.

Preparation in prayer is not rocket science. Put some worship tunes, on clear your mind, and start talking to God.  It is really that easy. Before Jesus, God used people like Elisha to speak on his behalf.  In 2nd Kings 3 there is a war between Israel and Moab. Long story short the king of Israel gets a couple of his other king friends to join with him to defeat Moab. So they get out in the middle of the desert and realize they are all out of water. This is bad for them. So they all start freaking out that they are going to die until one of the kings comes up with an amazing idea to ask Elisha to speak with God.  Here it is. Elisha agrees to speak with God in verse 15 he says, “now bring me someone who can play the harp” the next part of the verse the Lord speaks to Elisha and he tells the kings what the Lord says. Before the Holy Spirit was given to us, so that all of us could talk with God freely, men like Elisha were teaching us how to.

Set some time aside, strip away everything around you, and push play on the link and Pursue God in your pursuit.





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