Twists & Turns of Summer — by Angel


995914_682307405119710_1699699338_n(Wildfire in Branson !!)   


WOWZERS!!!! It is August, school starts in two short weeks.  Summer went so fast (again).  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom! I love every opportunity I get to “hang” out with my kids & their friends (my other kids).  As I was praying to God for my girls and all the kids going back to school, I began to reflect on this past summer. I was blessed with many opportunities to connect with friends & especially to connect with my own family. A small vacation just to get away and be together, many six flags trips, the zoo, concerts and movie nights at home made for a blessed & busy summer.

I am with the kids on not being ready for school to start, only because I will miss them.  I will miss the days were we lounged around all day.  I will miss taking a car full of teens to six flags and wondering how many miles I walked around the park that day.

I am praying for my children and all “my” kids to have a blessed & amazing school year. However, before school starts I wanted to take one more look at some of the fun we had this summer.  Hope you all enjoy……


Ashlee, Kara, Tyler & Tommy @ Matthew West Concert

Silver Dollar City with my girls ❤


994506_680695478614236_588727827_n Emalee being Emalee @ Grants Farm!


999709_698119186871865_235628206_n   1044983_591069807590312_1075638657_n

Tyler & Tommy Twisting & Turning              Concert night with one of my besties, Alex


my favorite monkey’s, Darin & Emalee @ St. Louis Zoo


My loves, Emalee, Darin, & Ashlee..Love you thanks for the fun summer

972215_10201578374836741_1529796098_n  Lastly, ME…AKA a happy girl 🙂



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