Priceless — by Guffey

lower east sideSo as some of you may know I recently spent 8 days in New York, The Lower East Side of Manhattan to be more specific, and it was amazing.

I got to not only work beside but also live and share life with 13 of the most inspiring people I could have ever spent a week+ with… and sometimes up to 20, when the E.S.T kids stayed with us… who where also a great group of teens.

the group

I mean just look at these guys how could you not want to spend time with them.


I know the trip was for us to go and bless the lives of the people in New York, but this group of people really blessed me. By spending so much time with them I started to notice special qualities in them that I loved getting to see and even some of them I found myself, to be honest, jealous for.

To save the formalities, I’m jumping head first…

To watch and hear one of our Youth express such frustration to the fact that he had limited time to actually find a quiet place to sit and spend his daily time with God… DEVOTION

I watched that same youth pray before he ate… even snacks… COMMITMENT

I listened to numerous Youth pray with such…PASSION AND HEART

As one of the other leaders on the trip started praying at our Wednesday Night service I watched as every head rose up from our group hug/huddle of thankfulness and tears, with a smile from ear to ear and even laughter by the overwhelming amount of JOY that radiated out of her prayer, I couldn’t have asked for a better prayed to end such a moment… JOY

But most of all to watch these guys change attitudes and countenances everywhere they went, no matter how tired they where…. SERVICE

Service: the action of helping or doing work for someone.

Service that’s what this trip was about.. simple acts of service blessed so many people, even those who where just in the area when it happened. But for me getting to see all the behind the scenes work that made our group such a blessing to the N.Y.C. was a blessing in it self.

I wouldn’t have changed anything about this trip… except it felt like it ended too soon.


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