We Got Your Back — by Angel

Most of you know that we do a back to school bash to bless the kids of Lincoln County with backpacks filled with school supplies.  We got your Back Backpacks can be seen in all the local schools.

However, did you also know that at JC we really Got Your Back.  I mean in every since of the word.  If you are struggling with life in any way, big or little, we got your back.  If you are experiencing a loss, either death or relationally, if you are struggling with addictions, or just finding that life is kicking your butt and you are tired of the fight, we got your back.

Now I must be clear when I say “we”, I mean “we” the church, Journey Church peeps are the real deal.  If you need a shoulder to cry on or someone just to say it will be ok, if you need someone to kick life back for you, We Got Your Back.

Prayer is a HUGE part of our daily lives and one thing I can say for certain if you have a need the peeps of JC will stand with you in prayer and I know God will hear it loud and clear.

The only thing you need to do is ALLOW your church family to have your back.  Remember we are humans too and WE will need YOU from time to time too.  If you have a need trust us to be there with you and if you have a praise, let us celebrate that with you too.

Journey Church Peeps are more than just a group of people meeting on Sundays.  We want to live life with you and we want to have your back in all situations, good or otherwise.

It is a great feeling to go to sleep each night knowing there are a couple hundred family members who “have your back”.  Sleep tight JC Peeps!



One thought on “We Got Your Back — by Angel

  1. Journey is one of the greatest bodies of Jesus I have seen in a long time, may you just get better in our god…

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