Making Mrs. Jamie Gross — by Jamie


 “Bring more food to make Mrs. Jamie Gross, GROSS! This song was chanted by every child and adult at the 2013 Journey Church Kids Camp held last week. Every time I poked my head into a room or walked by any of the children at Kids Camp, they chanted this song or chatted with me about how excited they were to make me “gross” during the Family Rally Night.

 “I’m gonna bring in so much food that you won’t even believe it!” said Kinsey Kinnaird to me as we talked about all of the gross food that was to be poured over my head. “If you and your friends bring in that much food I’ll let you dump anything you want over my head.” I told her. “Even Cat Food?” She asked. “Even Cat Food!” I replied followed by the sound of excited squeals from Kinsey and her friends as I left them, wondering to myself if she would really make me keep that promise.

Well, you guessed it…..She made me keep my promise. A can of cat food was the last thing to go over the top of my head! We took “gross” to a “whole notha level”.

Every single child worked very hard to bring in the requested food items. So hard in fact that, I could “not even believe it!” Not only did they meet the challenge of 1000 food items but they exceeded their goal by over an additional 100 food items!

When you look at the picture of me clearly covered in all sorts of gross food items you have to be thinking…..IS SHE CRAZY? I would reply to you, absolutely! I am CRAZY about these amazing kids and I believe that they can do great things. If it takes me getting a little “gross” to get them to believe it also, well than that is just fine with me. Their smiles and sounds of excitement was proof that they felt confident and pleased in themselves at reaching their goal.

I am happy and proud to say that the very first Kids Helping Kids Outreach was a complete success! All of the food was donated to the Buddy Bags Organization. This program is run by the Lincoln County School District and is operated by donations only. Every week 225 qualifying students receive a Buddy Bag containing four snacks and two easy to prepare meals. This means because of the generosity of our kids and their families, several thousand Buddy Bags will be sent home with students who otherwise would not be eating.

For Journey Kids, this particular outreach was not just about helping out other kids, but it was about helping out our FRIENDS! We learned the importance of showing love and compassion to our friends at school.

Kids Helping Kids Outreach will host our next outreach drive in November with the Gobble Till You Wobble event. Please keep an eye out for more information on this up and coming Outreach Event because together we can make a difference not only in the lives of the kiddos we are helping but in the lives of our kids who are learning what generosity, love, support and God’s Grace is all about.

Thank you all for the amazing support showed to the kids and also for all of your prayers for them during Kids Camp. A special Thank You to Lizzy Obermiller and Grace Wray for heading up the Kids Helping Kids Outreach Ministry during the 2013 Kids Camp.



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