If I could put time in a bottle — by Jesse

AZ Youth PIC

The Quiroz Home in 2005

Wow…time REALLY does FLY BY!  I know you’ve probably said this multiple times throughout your life and you seem to mean it more and more every time you say it.

I found myself saying it again today, as I just realized that in a little over 24 hours…my youngest son will be attending our Youth Group here at Journey Church…called Journey Youth: IGNITE…which is awesome…but it also means…my baby boy is GROWING UP!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, I will have 2 middle school students…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now – I absolutely LOVE youth ministry.  The pic above is what my house looked like EVERY night plus about another 25-30 students off camera for nearly 10 years as my wife I proudly served as youth pastors…and my boys are definitely not strangers to youth ministry as they were a part of LITERALLY everything we did…in fact, there they sit snuggled in that smelly man pile above. HAHA!

I’m just sad at the fact that he’s not a baby anymore and I wanted to take a second a whine about it. (insert about 14 minutes of tears & sniffles…right…NOW).


…now I’m better.

I was always so thankful to parents who afforded Missy and I the honor to be trusted with their students.  We love the students we have had the privilege to know over the years and still continue those relationships to this day…heck, one of them is on my staff! I kind of miss being a youth pastor, because it is a rare thing to have a direct pastoral role in the life of a student…and to be able to bless a parent with that investment, was something I always took as a huge honor.

Now, I’m the parent trusting someone else with MY STUDENT.

The pic below is our youth leadership team @ Journey.  Jake, the one holding the camera will actually be his youth pastor along with his wife Nancy, who is decked out in a headwrap…and I must say – I love these guys and that ENTIRE team.  I couldn’t THINK of a better group of people to pour into my two boys. I’ve known Jake personally for over 20 years…when I first got to know Jake…he was the age of what my son Javan is now!  Pretty crazy. (Oh, and that dude in the gray t-shirt was in my youth ministry in Lake St. Louis, now on staff here at Journey as our Creative Arts Pastor…awesome guy…who is also a LOVED LEADER in the IGNITE team)…now he will be leading MY two sons!


So, here I am, 24 hours away…and I must say…I PROUDLY give them my youngest son to pour into…help disciple…and help grow into the man of God that he is destined to be.  I’m praying with and for you guys for ALL THAT YOU DO for our students.

And as for Javan:

Jav, I love ya buddy…and I pray God rocks your life in this new season of your life!



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