Red Robin & Man of Steel — by Jesse



Every Monday night is special to all of us in the Quiroz house…we call it ‘Family Night’ – a night where we turn the phones off, push everything aside and just hang out as a family.  From board games to video games, to home cooked meals around the kitchen table to restaurants…everything is done together and decided together on family nights.

Tonight, we had the opportunity to forego the usual meal at home and hit up Red Robin, while afterwards taking the opportunity to check out ‘Man of Steel’ that hit theaters a few days ago and I must say – WE LOVED IT!  It was one of the few movies Missy did NOT fall asleep to – which is in itself a very big compliment! 😉

Anyways – if you’re looking for a family friendly action flick (if you don’t mind some hero v. villain violence) – the Quiroz family gives 8 thumbs up to this one!

Tonight, Red Robin and Superman made for some great memories in our fam!



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