Life in TECHNICOLOR! — by Tim


Recently I had a very Special moment with my extended family. I remember standing in front of a room full of people. Seeing smiling faces and hearts that are after God. It gave me chills.

The Journey church band Started off playing a song by a band named Cold Play. The songs name is “Life in Technicolor”. Cold Play has made some incredible music and has had a lot of influence into my life as I have let them.

Worship night June 7th was amazing. There were periods of time that I had to back away from the microphone because of the emotion that I was feeling. Hearing voices come together in unison praising God—>  WOW.  I cannot wait for the next night of worship.

So Life in Technicolor!! What does that mean to you?  I believe living life in Technicolor means living extraordinary. Letting God work through you, letting his light shine out of you.

Live life in Technicolor let’s do this together!!






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