Blessed — by Guffey

Some of you may not know that I get the opportunity to help out with our amazing Journey Youth on Wednesday nights alongside our incredible Youth Pastors Jake and Kory, and their families, as well as, the best Youth Sponsors you could ever ask to work with.

This past week I had the privilege of heading off to youth camp with our students and it was amazing to get to spend time with them outside of our regular services here at journey, and actually getting time to really know them… What I found out isn’t anything new… Our Students are AWESOME! … Some, more than they acknowledge, and others not as much as they think they are, Just kidding… but seriously.

The camp focused more on each group growing closer together, which we did, and not so much on meeting and growing relationships with other groups. However, it was cool to watch our guys reach out and introduce themselves to almost everyone they passed.

Anyway, I am sure I could keep rambling but in closing I can’t wait to see what happens with our group as our new summer program gets into full swing, week one was amazing and a new dynamic is already in the air…. And also I am super excied to get to spend another week with some of our students when we take off on our New York Missions trip next month…. It’s going to be awesome!


One thought on “Blessed — by Guffey

  1. You are an awesome guy, Guffey! We are extremely fortunate to have you at Journey Church. Randy & I are so glad we know you. You are a good, and very real friend.

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