Thank YOU — by Angel

It is the Wednesday after our  BBBQ at El Shaddai.  I am still so incredibly thankful for the amazing people who stepped up to serve and make the event so smooth.  I had the most fun setting up in the rain, playing volleyball in the rain, and huddling together to get warm from the rain with the brave souls that met me so early in the day.  The fun continued when the rain stopped and we re-set up the tables, dried everything and played some more volleyball.  I was so amazed at how beautiful the weather turned out to be for the actual event at 4pm.

To each person who had a hand in serving at El Shaddai, weather it be driving the trailer, setting up signs, moving the boats, setting up tables & chairs, preparing the food & drinks, making snow cones, cleaning up tables & chairs, cleaning the patio, cleaning the kitchen, loading & unloading the trailer, cleaning the bathrooms, removing the signs, taking care of the mound of lost items, changing trash bags, etc, etc etc I THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  I wish I had a more profound way to let you know how much your servant heart blessed the hundreds of people that day and especially mine.  I could not have done this alone and I would not have wanted to do it alone either.  I am blessed to call you friends and thank you for allowing me to serve alongside you as well.

On another note, I realized how out of shape I am when I spent most of Monday very sore and found my many bruises (volleyball’s are not soft) 🙂  I would not change it for anything! I loved every moment of Sunday and can not wait for the next one.

THANK YOU amazing servants of Journey Church (((((HUGS))))) for all you do!!!


just a few of the amazing volunteers from Sunday10770_667636586586792_196600977_n



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