So Much to be Thankful For — by Kory



Yep!  It’s 10 minutes after midnight and I should be asleep.  Instead I’m up looking at all of the pictures and videos from our 4 Year Anniversary Beach Baptism BBQ.  There’s so much I want to say, but to prevent myself from writing a novel I am going to do my best to keep this short and to the point.

There’s so much to be thankful for.  First thing is friends.  There was a time, not long ago, where my wife, Amy, and I actually had the conversation “How do we make friends?”  In high-school it’s easy.  You see the same people every day and spend a lot of time with them.  Making friends is easy, but not so much so when you’re an adult.  Clearly Amy and I do not have that problem anymore because we have been blessed with an amazing group of friends – about 700 of them – an amazing church family.  We are so very thankful for everyone!  You mean more to us than we could properly express and more than you will ever know.

I had the opportunity today to hit the rope swing and jump from high places with some amazing students!  Any day that I get to do something dangerous like that and not get hurt is a good day and I appreciate opportunities like that.



I also had the opportunity to defend a championship today in the sand volleyball tournament.  Even though we were unsuccessful in retaining our status as champion, any feeling of failure was quickly squashed when I was blessed to be able to watch a GREAT championship game between the Millers and 4 Awesome Journey Youthers.  Being able to hand that championship trophy over to 4 of my students made defeat a little easier to accept :-).



Last and certainly not least; I had the opportunity to see around 60 people get baptized today and the honor and privilege to baptize a great group of students.  A group of students that I will, no doubt, cry when I see them graduate.  A group of students that I have been blessed to be around, to see grow and mature in Christ and make decisions to follow in His footsteps.  It is ALWAYS an overwhelming feeling (in a good way) when I have the chance to baptize or witness baptism.  This year was “WHOLE ‘NOTHA LEVEL” with those feelings as I baptized my daughter Zoe.  I can’t begin to express how fortunate I feel to be able to, not just be there, but to be the one to baptize my child.

Baptize Zoe


I guess all-in-all this blog is just a long way to say that I am blessed beyond measure, and often moved to tears and beyond words at how amazing OUR God is.  The people in my family’s life, the change I am able to witness taking place in people’s lives, and the things I’m able to be a part of is just too cool for words.  I could exhaust the English language to describe how thankful I am and how blessed I feel and it still wouldn’t be good enough.  So until there is something greater, just know that when I say “thank you” there is whole lot of feelings, sincerity, humility, and love behind those words and I couldn’t mean them any more than I do.  I love you Journey Church.




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