Connect the Dots … La-La-La-La — by Kory

My head is a scary place to be sometimes.  I was on my way to church this morning after a breakfast “meeting” with our phenomenal Jr. High Youth Pastor, Jake Lawrence, when I started singing the song from this video above.  I know, it doesn’t make sense, right?  I used to love watching this show when I was a kid.  I even dressed-up like Pee-Wee for Halloween one year. (Don’t judge me…I was just a kid!)  The show and me dressing up as Pee-Wee for Halloween is hardly the point of this blog anyway. 🙂

After realizing what I was singing, I thought, “That’s weird…why am I singing that?”  But I just began to think about all of the “dots” in my life; past and present.  Dots, being life events, choices, consequences, etc.  During the times I was in said life events, making said choices, and dealing with said consequences; they didn’t necessarily make sense.  I searched for meaning and purpose inside each of those things…most often times in hindsight.  What I’ve found is all of these “dots” we encounter are only “dots” (figuratively speaking) – nothing more and nothing less.  It isn’t until we take a step back and look at all of them through the eyes of the ONE who created us that we are able to connect them and see the big picture.

When we do that, life BEGINS to make sense.  The highs, lows, joy, sorrow, pain, triumphs, and tragedies begin to come together to paint a picture of who we are, what we were created to do, and who we were created for.  I LOVE the ONE who is “connecting the dots” and I pray you begin to see the picture for yourself!




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