Amazing Movie! — by Tim


Let me tell you, this movie is amazing!!

I recently rented Jeremiah Johnson. I remember watching this movie when I was just a kid. I also remember being intrigued because Jeremiah was a mountain man, with skills that one day I would hope to attain as a hunter. While watching the movie recently, my outlook on the flick was completely different.

As I watched I noticed things. One thing in particular was the troubles that Jeremiah was faced with. When I was a kid I watched and thought, this guy is the coolest dude ever and he can do anything!! The next few days after I watched the movie I started comparing how I perceived the movie as an adult. As an adult I thought while watching the movie there is no way that this guy would be able to overcome the obstacles that he is facing. I began to criticize the film makers in my mind on things like, there is no way that guy can get away without wearing gloves in that freezing cold weather. LOL

My whole point in this blog is this.. Mathew18:3    And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

I think as adults we put up invisible walls of belief. We criticize things that we think are impossible in our minds or we cannot see. God is able to do ALL THINGS and we need to start believing it like how kids watch movies.

God Bless Tim Overstreet


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