Saul to Paul — by Tim

Paul_the_apostleI love the way artist epic people from the Bible!!

I had the privilege to be able to share a little bit about Saul also known as Paul Tuesday night, with an amazing group of people at the Journey church Wentzville campus.

Paul was the Dude! Paul is credited for writing 13 of the 27 New Testament books of the Bible. He was a missionary, taking three long trips, planting churches, encouraging people along the way, preaching, loving people.

Does Paul sound like he was a killer? When I think of Saul I try to think of a crazy biker gang leader. Some of those guys kill people and or have people killed! Saul persecuted Christians, that’s what he did. I think he almost liked doing it.

I think Paul is a perfect example of turning away from sin and excepting the love of Christ. Maybe that’s why God chose him? I mean this guy was a murderer!! Guess what? He was used by God and reached tons of people because he let God use him.

Our mission as Christians or Christ followers, is to seek for Sauls show them who Jesus is and stand next to them in love. The cool part about it is, we get to see the transformation from Sauls to Pauls!!  If that does not excite you, check your pulse to see if your still alive.

God Bless      Tim overstreet


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