How’s it going? — by Angel

40 days, that is the goal.  40 days of obedience, 40 days of denying our flesh.  If you are like me, we go into something like this with a full “I can do this, no problem” attitude.  We mean every good intention we have to the fullest.  We know without a doubt we will chase God with everything and not think twice about it.  Then we come to reality. We have to face everyday life, with all the people who are not fasting the same thing we may be fasting.  Then we realize how much our flesh can hang on tight. We realize how not “so easy” it is to be obedient.

I can relate and I wanted to take a quick moment to ENCOURAGE each of you to KEEP GOING!! You can do this and when it gets hard remember to take a breath and pray. Ask God to get you through the excuses and feelings to just give in, Pray and LISTEN to him in that very moment, wherever you may be. Also, know that your Pastors are praying for each of you as well.

I can not wait to see the miracle on the other side of 40 days.  I can not wait to hear from each of you about the blessing you received and the blessing you were to others.

Have a great day friends and remember you can do this, after all God has your back!!


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