Sick Day — by Jesse


I typically LOVE Fridays…heck, I typically LOVE every day, but that being said, the reason I particularly love Fridays is b/c it’s the day I get to spend with our INCREDIBLE church staff individually.  Starting in the morning until the end of the day I take time with each of our church staff and dig into their area of ministry, problem solve with them, hear from their heart and them from mine, discuss ministry goals and objectives, and of course, ensure that everything is on par for the weekend.

It’s one of the better times of my week to be honest, b/c I absolutely love the staff God has blessed around my life…the gifts, abilities, and passion they possess in their life impressively overwhelm me continually.

This past Friday, however, I woke up feeling like I just got punched in the face, neck, back, and about 40 other parts of my body by Ivan Drago about 1,860 times (yeah, exactly that many) as I had fallen victim to some type of virus that’s been spreading around the area. I got up and realized…there’s no way I can make it in…so I texted our staff and canceled my schedule for that day and the events I was scheduled to be at that night.  I woke up Saturday, and it was like Rocky V on my face this time…Tommy Gunn had unleashed  on me another 1,000 strikes…and it lasted into Saturday night…which then really started to worry me, b/c Sunday was now a few hours away.

What am I gonna do if I can’t preach? My associate pastor (who usually would assume this role) is on vactaion to Florida and my wife told me it wasn’t an option for her so in her words ‘Don’t even think about asking me.’ (Please don’t ever stop praying for my marriage, amen) LOL.

When I rolled out of bed on Sunday, the feelings were the same…but I made my way onto the campus with a canister of hot mint tea and attempted to be stand-offish as to not bless anyone with what I had been struggling with.

I gotta tell you though, with as bad as I felt, the day couldn’t have gone any better…I literally preached on a stool and felt totally wiped afterwards, but left feeling more STRENGTHENED than ever.

Because, to be quite frank: it doesn’t matter how I feel on a Sunday…we have such a tremendous staff who are so diligent and committed, along with an AMAZING volunteer force of about 75 ppl every Sunday who are so diligent and committed, along with an INCREDIBLE congregation of about 650 ppl who are so diligent and committed – that I could be out of commission completely and the GOSPEL would STILL GO OUT b/c of the ppl of Journey Church that communicate it WITH ME. Man, I love that.

I love the people God has placed around my life.  Being sick, sometimes reminds me to appreciate THIS more often.

Sunday ended up being the best sick day ever b/c of that very reminder.

Thanks for reading this, I sure hope it made sense…I’m still sick after all, but thankfully recovering. LOL.

I love you Journey Church.



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