365 Days — by Angel

WOW!!!  I can not believe what can happen in 365 days.  It is amazing to me that I get to serve God and the awesome people of Journey Church everyday.  It is amazing to me that God allows me to “work” for him full-time.  I can not begin to express how honored and blessed I feel to spend my days working for and serving at JC.

In 365 days I learned that the unmeasurable amount of passion you see on stage on  Sunday from our pastor is the same passion he has everyday off stage. I learned that our Children’s Pastor spends every waking moment committed to our children. Her prayers never stop, her work never stops, her heart for all the children of Lincoln County is infinite. I learned that our Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor really wants to serve and feed the teens.  His passion to get God’s truth in their hearts is refreshing and unending. I learned our Worship Pastor genuinely loves his church and prays for each of you all the time.  I also learned that the Creative Arts Pastor, the quiet guy behind the scene, eats, sleeps and breathes Journey. The Pastor’s of JC all share a common passion to serve you.  I am the beyond blessed one that gets to share in their passion and serve along side of them and watch them in action every day.

In 365 days I also learned that the people of Journey are REAL!  We all say this all the time, however I experience the real every week.  Real struggles, real rewards, real trials, real praises, real hurts, real heals, real fears, real triumphs, real testimonies.  I have spent time crying with people of JC, time rejoicing, time in silence and time in celebration.

Mostly in the 365 days I have had the honor of “working” for Journey I have learned I am right where God intended me to be and I am so thankful I get the joy and honor of serving JC on a full-time basis. When I first begin attending and serving at JC with my family I had no comprehension that I would one day get to be where I am today.  I thank God daily that he called me out of my plan into his and thankfully I listened.

Thank you Journey Church for allowing me to serve our amazingly awesome God and for allowing me to serve you each and every day!!


a few photos from the past year (I am normally not in the photos but taking them)

29337_565973820086403_1857083924_n 283781_480551295295323_199583999_n 306229_480571765293276_1278198655_n 314455_10150501110157289_1717685802_n 536596_480569458626840_1636866985_n 542973_480578291959290_1205314361_n 547534_480550138628772_535619761_n 551755_480564465294006_1528312334_n 601196_480551375295315_1111834420_n



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