Kids Have It Right — by Kory

Opening Day


I LOVE baseball!  More specifically, I love Cardinals Baseball.  The beauty of growing up in the St. Louis area is getting to be a Cardinals fan and enjoy Cardinals Baseball games.  Many of my childhood memories involve pretending to be Ozzie Smith playing short stop in my back yard, listening to Jack Buck call games on KMOX radio, or watching a game on TV.  There were a few times, though, that I was blessed to be able to see the Card’s play at the old Busch Stadium.  I don’t remember the second, third, or fourth game I saw live and in-person, but I do remember my first.

I remember parking and walking over the catwalk from the parking garage and to the stadium.  I remember walking for what seemed like forever, ‘round and ‘round until we reached the top. (We had the cheap-seats of course!)  I remember the sound of the “Beer Men” yelling, “BEER MAN HERE” as if they were a super-hero there to save the day.  I remember the smell of hot dogs and popcorn; and the heat of the summer evening in St. Louis.  The coolest part though about the old Busch Stadium as a kid was, you couldn’t see any of the game until you walked through the tunnel into the inner part of the stadium.  The anticipation was almost to much to deal with!  I just remember being in awe of how big everything was once I crossed to the other side holding my mother’s hand.  The dirt was the brown-est dirt I had ever seen and the bright green of the turf was like nothing I had ever laid my eyes on before.  I was in AWE.  Clearly, it’s an experience I will never forget.

Opening Day 2

I had the privilege of taking my son, 3 years ago, to his first Cardinal Baseball game.  It just so happened to be the home opener.  Lucky kid!  It took me almost 30 years to experience a Cardinals home opener and his first game was one!  Anyway, he was in awe of the time he was having.  “WHOA!” and “DAD, LOOK!” was said countless times during his first baseball game experience.  Something that I had done, I don’t know how many times, suddenly became brand new to me again.  I found myself finding things for him to see and do that I had seen and done before, but I was just as excited as he was.  It was as if I got to have a first game experience all over again.  Clearly, it’s an experience I will never forget. 🙂

So I got to thinking that kids have got it right.  They really do!  Every experience they have is like an adventure to them.  It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the park, walking across sand, tying their shoes, or riding their bike in the driveway.  Life is an adventure!  Kids have a secret gift we have forgotten about as adults.  It’s called being impressed.  We have experienced so much life and have done so much and seen so much that we forget how amazing life is and can be.  Inside of all of this we forget about God sometimes and how amazing He and His creation is.  Maybe we get so used to reading His Word or singing songs about Him or praying to Him that we take it for granted; we forget to be in awe; we forget to be impressed.  If we can’t be in awe of Him and His creation, how can we expect the rest of the world to be.  People will take notice of those that have a passion in their life for God and live life like it is an adventure with Him.

Let’s take a page out of the lesson book from our kids and find something to be in awe of; something to be impressed by.  Let’s live life like the adventure it is.

Opening Day 3


One thought on “Kids Have It Right — by Kory

  1. Wow brother. You really painted a clear picturesque memory of a game at the old stadium. I remember my fist game was for an elementary school field trip, and lucky for me it was Bat day so I got authentic wooden baseball bat! I remember pretending to be some of the players as well. Back in the Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Tom Pagnozzi days. Loved it bro how you experienced your sons first game with him. I look forward to Sharing it with my Son.

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