Could NOT Do it Alone — by Angel

Most people know that every week the staff works diligently to get the upcoming weekend prepared.  From setting the stage, to getting the props, to cleaning and everything in between.  What you may not know is that we could not do it without YOU!  We have some of the most amazing servant hearts at Journey.

Easter weekend is always a big deal for any church.  This weekend is when many people make decisions for Christ.  Alot of preparation goes into this weekend.  From Eggs to prepare for the outreach Easter egg hunt, to moving chairs forward to add more for welcoming new faces that we pray are impacted and come to know Jesus, to cleaning the facilities for all to feel comfortable.  Each and every thing that needs done takes many hands and hours.  Thankfully Journey has volunteers that are willing and able to serve in anyway they can.

I was blessed by the amount of people that stepped up everyday this past week to help.  I know over all the weekend services many decisions were made for Jesus.  These decisions are made in part because YOU stepped up to serve. YOU made sure the building was clean and smelled good, YOU made sure the kids were welcomed and excited to hunt eggs, YOU made sure the chairs were filled with the information that new faces needed, YOU made sure anyone coming into JC felt at home and YOU made sure when it was all over everything was cleaned back up and ready for the next weekend.

We could not do these things alone and for that I thank YOU!!!!


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