They’re waiting for an Invite — by Jesse


I was reading an article earlier today by John Maxwell who communicated an ASTOUNDING statistic and I thought I’d share it with you.

70% of the people we invite to church on Easter Sunday say YES…and attend our church services with us.

So many times we carry the perception that people aren’t interested in attending church…I don’t necessarily know why we think that b/c statistics have ALWAYS shown that when someone is extended an invitation, more times than none…they accept it.

What an opportunity we have as followers of Christ to extend an ‘invite’ to someone…perhaps a family member you’ve been praying for, or a neighbor that you’ve been simply waiting for the right opportunity to ask, a co-worker that you know, or perhaps one of your friends…I’ve got some good news: THIS IS THE TIME!

Be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone this week and extend an invite to church this Sunday…according to national stats above…if you invited 10 people: 7 ARE COMING WITH YOU!  That means that 7 people you know are going to hear the message of Jesus…7 people that you know are going to experience the energy of your church family…7 people you know may make the GREATEST DECISION of their life in choosing to follow Jesus…7 people that YOU KNOW!

Psalm 122:1 ‘I was GLAD when THEY said unto ME ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

Let’s make someone GLAD this week…GLAD…that they accepted an invitation to walk through the doors of what could be a BRAND NEW START in their life this weekend!

Jesse (Pastor – Journey Church)


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