Teens — by Angel

OK, so you are probably thinking that I am the Administrative Assistant not the youth pastor, so why would I be talking about teens.  Troy schools are on spring break this week so I spent my day off “hanging out” with some of the most amazing teens I know.

I attempt to spend time with tweens/teens any chance I get.  By spending time I mean I provide the place, the food & the supervision.  It is amazing and such a blessing to just be in the same room with these kids.  I love listening to them talk about the issues they face each day, and let me say there are many.  I love being a person they can come to for guidance & help.  I love being a safe home where they can express their feelings, happy or sad and not be judged or ridiculed.

Some of my favorite moments are car rides with teens.  They are a captive audience, and like it or not they have to listen to what I have to say….I mean where they going to go while I am driving 70 mph down the highway 🙂

I simply wanted to take a moment to encourage you to face the fear of spending time with teens and get to know some of the amazing teens that attend Journey Church.  There are lots of them and they have a HUGE heart for God and the truth. The blessing you give them will be big but I promise you will receive the biggest blessings in return.



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