How YOU doin’? — by Jesse


There was a study recently completed by the University of Scranton (Journal of Psychology) at the end of last year concerning New Year’s Resolutions.  I found it interesting to see the stats of WHAT resolutions people take on and WHO actually follows through in keeping them.  They concluded that 8% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions are actually successful in achieving their resolutions.  I know there have been MANY years where I was NOT in the 8% – how bout you?  Anyways, according to the stats below, 64% of us run out of gas concerning our resolutions within our FIRST MONTH of making them…and since today is January 31 – I just wanted to check in and ask the inevitable question: How YOU doin?

Check ’em out:



One thought on “How YOU doin’? — by Jesse

  1. I dont usually make resolutions, because of these statistics. But this year i decided i would give it a try, maybe this year could be different i thought. I didnt do the whole lose weight, better health, (even though i really should) save money, (impossible lol), i decided to read the Bible in a year! Not really knowing how this would go, i am happy to say i am still right on track and loving every day of it! I use the app, and play it every morning on my way to work, sometimes even on the way home. It is working great for me, and hopefully i will be able to say at the end of 2013 that i not only stuck with a resolution, but even better that i have read His word everyday!

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