MY Ministry Heroes — by Jesse


I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – everyone needs a mentor…someone who personally takes the time, effort, and energy to help place in you the tools needed to reach the goals that God has placed in all of our hearts to see come to reality in our lives.  I’m so thankful I have people in my life who do that for me.  In two weeks, I get the opportunity to spend some time with them while I head off to Arizona to attend the Dream Conference (a ministry leadership conference) in Phoenix as I will be staying over to preach at his DYNAMIC church, Discovery Church on February 17.

Those two in the pic above are probably my favorite ppl on earth outside of those in my own family – but I’ve known them for so long – they basically ARE my family.  I first met them in 1994 and automatically felt a connection to the sincerity that was in their lives toward ppl – I ended up attending their church in 1996 where I volunteered in any area I could and their role in my life really begin to take shape.  Through a variety of miraculous situations (which would take hours to describe – just ask anyone who’s heard me preach those stories – haha!) – they hired me as their Youth Pastors in 1999 and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity they gave me as I worked full-time for them and with them for 8 incredible years.

Leaving them to head to Ohio (where I served on staff at a church for 2 years before pastoring Journey) was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  They’ve done so much for me and not to mention my family – they were there for the births of both of my sons and dedicated them both – they served as the one of the most beautiful examples of marriage that could be shown to Missy and I and not to mention one of the greatest examples of parents I’ve ever met (and that’s saying a lot – they’re pastors) who raised two amazing kids who I think are the coolest ppl on the planet.

As I stated above – I get to spend some time with them over in AZ here in just a little bit, and I just remembered how much I’ve missed them – but even more than that – I realized how the success of our relationship (particularly in a mentorship context) has not been determined by distance.  Every time I see them…I still feel like I work for them – and you know what?…I still do.  They will always be my pastors, my mentors in life and I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate ppl to say that.  The investment they’ve placed in me is not possible to describe – one thing I do know for certain:

Journey Church wouldn’t exist without these two people. That’s why I’m so stoked EVERY YEAR for our church to meet them on our Anniversary Services in June when I bring them to speak!  I’m always so giddy…because my church is meeting my heroes.

Jesse (Pastor – Journey Church)


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