Connected Yet Lonely? — by Angel

I heard on a news report that as a society today  we are “the most connected people with the most amount of lonely people”.  It is great that we have all the technology that allows us to “connect” : Facebook, texting, email, etc…

Have you stopped to think about all the times you send a text or post on Facebook versus picking up the phone?  It is astounding to think about the lack of communication we really have.  We know how to say what we want via text and be quick to make our point, not using full sentences of course. However, we usually lose the tone, intentions, and true heart in what is being said in the written communication.  Simply picking up a phone to call and say hello and how are you is hard today with our busy schedules.  We all fall into the mindset of I want to check on this person but do not have “time” to be on the phone so I will just sent a quick text. I know I personally am guilty of this daily.  I would prefer to text or Facebook the message so I can continue to work on other things at the same time.

I was listening to a group of teens recently have a conversation and they actually talk with text lingo, you know the LOL and BRB (be right back).  I can remember as a kid falling asleep on the phone with my best friend, before texting was invented. Actual conversations were how we connected, with our voices.

I want to encourage each of you to take a moment to pick up the phone and call someone this week.  Call your friend, your spouse, your parents, or even just someone you have been meaning to connect with and have not taken the time.

I believe together we can make this place not so lonely.






3 thoughts on “Connected Yet Lonely? — by Angel

  1. Very well said and I am guilty of this also. I remember what it is like to feel alone in a crowd. I think at least we should make face to face or voice to voice contacts as much as possible. Thank you for this Angel

  2. Sometimes during the day I will call my best friend even though I knw she is at work just to hear her voice on her voicemail. It always makes me feel better even if we don’t talk 🙂

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