The Journey App: Part II — by Guffey

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So here is a list of the features of the JC app:

1) You can not only listen to messages and bible verses, but you can also downloaded them via WiFi to listen to as you go without a data plan.
2) You Can follow along with a read the bible in a year plan (read or listen)                            3) Follow the along with the message via YouVersion. Which also allows you to keep your own notes right there and participate with the message in a new interactive way.                  4) There is a Digital Bulletin
5) Links to Facebook, Twitter, Our Website, Staff Blog, and also Mobile Giving.
6) You can even share messages on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail                                         7) There is going to be more features to come… and the best part is you don’t have to download any updates to get any of the new features.

If you don’t have the app yet, just click here!


3 thoughts on “The Journey App: Part II — by Guffey

  1. Is there any other feature available via wifi besides messages? Asking because I have a tablet with wifi only, no data plan or smart phone with data phone. My wifi is at home.

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