Meet the Journey Worship Team — by Tim

bbq 2012

It is such an honor to worship God!!!   I have the privilege of leading worship at Journey Church every week with some amazing people.

God uses people and people decide whether to be used or not for his glory. Let me tell you the band members here at Journey church do just that, they let God use them every day. This team “band” Loves to worship. I personally get excited every time we get to play and love looking out into the rows of faces seeking after God. I am positive the team is thinking the same thing!

lets meet the team!!!


Jake Lawrence is a long time friend and an amazing drummer!!!

251611_10152108781340548_1462768449_nNancy Lawrence…. what can i say??

The picture says it all!!

578381_443947978981081_1487810281_nAly Miller.. This kid is something else. She has so much heart and passion.

296960_10151204859902289_54080268_nRandy Henrie.. What an amazing dude. Randy brings so much energy to the team love this guy!!!

549643_431383613545425_621809991_nBryen and his wife are some amazing people. Bryen adds so much to the team he is an excellent guitar player!!!!!

320040_10150377379772289_6309529_nDavid Guffey  AKA Guff-Tron he is an amazing bass player with ton’s of talent!!

603767_443948192314393_1302197805_nMary Schenlting.. Mary is an amazing musician. From Piano to leading worship with a guitar God has given her a gift..


One thought on “Meet the Journey Worship Team — by Tim

  1. We love filling our ears and souls with the sounds from this amazing team! And the worship pastor is pretty sick and talented, too. Blessed by each and every one of you. Thanks so much!!

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