Great Christmas Memories — by Jesse


This photo is from an individual who attended our Christmas Candlelight Communion Service this past Saturday night where many gathered to simply take a moment to remember the day when the “Light of the world” entered into the world.  It was a POWERFUL moment together and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to share it with everyone.  It was truly a great memory to see hundreds of candles lit up all across the auditorium symbolizing ‘the Light’ that has now spread to our hearts from our Loving Savior!  Also, the time of worship was so INCREDIBLE!


This picture I took as I was exiting the stage for our Christmas Celebration Services on Sunday…in which we packed in like peanuts to honor the birth of our Savior through an amazing service experience that we celebrated twice that Sunday.

We were able to bless over 100 kids represented by families who haven’t yet been able to recover from the economic struggles that are plaguing our nation right now by distributing presents to each and every one of them who attended our services that weekend (in which many of them made decisions for Christ that weekend).  It was great memory seeing smiles light up kids faces and tears of gratitude stream down parent’s faces who were experiencing the love and generosity of God’s church!

All in all it was a powerful weekend and I want to thank EVERYONE (each and every volunteer) who helped make it such a success – God was truly honored in our church this past weekend! I love being a part of this truly wonderful church.

We even had a choir (making us a REAL OFFICIAL CHURCH now – LOL)!  They ROCKED SOCKS!





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