Our prayers for Sandy Hook Elementary — by Jesse


As I type this post, I am hearing the laughter of my two boys wrestling on our living room floor with their mother…simply enjoying a Saturday morning.

As I hear this, I can’t help but be tearful as…I simply cannot imagine being a Sandy Hook Elementary parent or family member right now of those who’s precious lives were unimaginably taken from them at the hand of a demonized gunman yesterday in Newtown, Connecticut. It’s in moment’s like this where you just wish you could do something to comfort the indescribable pain that is weighing down on these precious parents.  But here I sit, over a thousand miles away, with nothing to offer…but my thoughts and prayers…wishing I could do more.

Some things that happen to us in life literally cannot be explained to ease our pain or take away our suffering (especially in the moment, when the wounds are so very fresh).  The only ‘blanket’ so to speak that seems to assist us in the context of comfort is the support we find in those around us that are so dear to us (our family, our friends, our local churches, and workplaces).

Something happens when people come together to offer their support, their shoulder, their ears, their hugs, or their simple presence to let them know they are not alone in this tragedy.

It’s a small light that shines in even the darkest of situations…and we’re seeing that in Newtown.

That has been my repeated prayer for these families during this tragic time…that they experience the love and support of those in their community in a way that would prayerfully let them know that we hurt…with them…that we love and care for them at a level that would hopefully let them know…that they don’t have to experience this unimaginable pain…alone.

There is power…in community.  Below is an image that was taken from a local church last night in Newtown.  It’s encouraging to see the local churches reaching out to offer an opportunity for these families to have a someone to stand with…when they are unable to stand alone.Image

God, we pray your arms of comfort wrap around the community of Newtwon and the Sandy Hook Elementary staff and families of those who lost loved ones yesterday.  We pray this, in the Name of Jesus Christ…Amen.

‘He gives strength to the weary.’ – Isaiah 40:29



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