Birthdays — by Angel

The countdown for this year is over, but beginning for next year I only have 362 days left !!  Yes, I count down how many days till my birthday and Yes I am probably too “old” to do this.  So why count it??  The simple fast reason, it is fun to build the anticipation.  I do not expect anything on my birthday and do not really want a “fuss” made about me.  I love birthdays, ALL birthdays, EVERYONE’S Birthday.  As a kid my birthday was just another day.  Then one day someone told me something that rocked my world.  It was mind blowing..ready to hear it….Jeremiah 1:5….There it is, the words that changed birthdays for me.  I could tell you what the verse says but I do not want to take away the awesomeness you will feel when you read it for yourself. Why did this verse rock my world you ask, well simply stated I finally knew I was not a mistake, I had a purpose!!  So, I encourage each of you to go read Jeremiah 1:5 then remember your birth is special and YOU should celebrate you (even if you celebrate alone).  Of course we all have a very important birthday coming up to celebrate together…Happy Birthday!



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