Behind the Sunday — by Angel

As a staff member of Journey I get asked lots of questions about what goes on during the week.  I have been asked about the fun videos you may have seen on Facebook of the staff having a Nerf gun war or throwing ping pongs at each other, I have been asked how the stage was made to look a certain way & the most asked question is what the other staff members are like “off” the stage.  Let me take a moment to answer some of your questions…you could call me dear Abby today 🙂

First let me tell you that YES we do pull out the Nerf guns quite often, please understand when you are in a meeting for hours sometimes you just have to take a moment and aim soft items at your fellow staff members heads.  It really does bring the focus back! Rest assure no staff members are harmed in the making of any videos 🙂

The stage set ups take a lot of behind the scenes work & not only from staff members but we have the most amazing volunteers at JC. 

Now the big question – tell me about the staff.  Well what you see “on” stage is what you get “off” stage.  Jesse is just as passionate in our meetings about challenging our lives & reaching others to get them to know Jesus as he is on a Sunday.  Our office is even complete with it our very own Whiteboard for illustration purposes :-)!

Each staff member spend countless hours into each ministry everyday of the week.  Kory, our associate pastor, who is also our Senior High Youth Pastor pours every ounce of blood, sweat, & tears into reaching these students & impacting their lives while challenging them to reach others as well.  Tim, worship pastor & overseer of facilities is ALWAYS on the move.  Whether going through & preparing the music or fighting with the AC units (literally) he is a man with a mission. Guffey, our amazing beyond talented Creative Arts Pastor has the most behind the scenes work to complete.  We are consistently challenging him to make more, do more, build more. Of Course he is amazing & always rises to the occasion! Then there is Jamie, Children’s Pastor, WOWZERS is all I can say.  This beautiful women has a heart for each & every child at JC.  Jamie is a never ending machine for the children’s ministry.  You can confidently know that each child is prayed for daily by Ms. Jamie. 

Then there is me, the Angel in the office. I always wondered why my mother named me Angel, then God lead me to Journey.  Now I know, where can you call another church & say your really spoke to an “Angel” on the phone.  ( I know the jokes are corny, but sometimes you just have to go with it). My official title is “Administrative Assistant” to our Senior Pastor, Jesse.  So what does that mean I do beyond a Sunday?  Anything & everything from the data side of things, to setting appointments, to getting supplies, & managing the staff calendars.  I also get the blessing of joining each staff member in praying for this church, which happens each & every week without fail.

So to sum it all up, Behind the Sunday is super busy, full of prayer, & no two days are the same. However, the same staff members you see on Sunday are the exact same staff members I see Monday – Saturday too 🙂  JC really is REAL faith & Relevant Life with REAL Pastors who LOVE & PRAY for each of you!!



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