I Remember When — by Jesse


Not long ago, a family member came over to the house and asked me to go to the ice skating rink with him over in Wentzville.  Now, I’ve only been ice skating ONCE and that was 15-20 years ago on our old frozen pond that we had growing up – and I remember then doing everything I could to not fall over!

The moment I stepped on the ice, it was like pulling teeth trying to muster up every memory I had of what it took to NOT FALL…what it took to keep my balance…and what it took to actually get moving and skate!

You know, it’s crazy how it actually DOES all come back to you after a few tries…and frankly…I don’t mean to brag – but – I impressed myself as I was pretty amazing! :)   (actually ‘amazing’ might be a bit of an overstatement – I was at least as good as I was the first time I skated and a little bit better).

I actually grabbed a mental lesson from that experience…that your past experiences aren’t just memories to enjoy or simply remember.  They are tools that can equip you…they are pools of resource that you can draw from to continue everything you’ve ever wanted to TRY AGAIN.  I don’t care if it’s ice skating or water skiing, riding a bike or throwing a football, it applies…and you know what? It can even apply to our lives with God.

Some of us so easily give up when it comes to God or church- because we think we don’t have what it takes to continue (like having the patience to put up with a certain person or having the will-power to pray everyday) – when in all reality – we do have what it takes…why?

Because you did it before…and it if you’ve done it before…then you have the tools to do it again!  It may take a few stabs at it (like I did on the rink)…but don’t worry, it’ll all come back to you.



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